Successful 2011 US Adult National Championship

May 3rd, 2011

The 2011 US Adult National Championship was a huge success. More than 100 players participated in 5 events. After 3 days of competition, the tournament was closed with Man’s Double final between Howard Bach/Tony Gunawan and Halim Haryanto Ho/Chandra Kowi. The world champion Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan are no doubt the best man’s double in the US.

USAB Coverage:
Affinity Badminton Club Hosts 2011 USA Badminton National Championships this Weekend in San Carlos, Calif.
National Champions Crowned Following Conclusion of 2011 USA Badminton National Championships at Affinity Badminton Club

2011 US Adult National Championship Winner’s List

Man’s Single

1st Place: Ilian Perez

2nd Place: Wijaya Agusriadi

3/4: Howard Shu

3/4: Hock Lai Lee

Man’s Double

1st Place: Howard Bach/Tony Gunawan

2nd Place: Halim Haryanto Ho/Chandra Kowi

3/4: Brendan Lum/Bob Malaythong

3/4: Chun Ming Hua/Fan Zhang

Woman’s Single

1st Place: Cee Ketpura

2nd Place: Bo Rong

3/4: Kuei Ya Chen

3/4: Priscilla Lun

Woman’s Double

1st Place: Joo Hyun Lee/Yun Peng

2nd Place: Eva Lee/Paula O’Banana

3/4: Panita Phongasavithas/Vimla Phongasavithas

3/4: Thuy Hoang/Priscilla Lun

Mix Double

1st Place: Halim Haryanto Ho/Eva Lee

2nd Place: Vincent Nguy/Jamie Subandhi

3/4: Phillip Chew/Cee Ketpura

3/4: Hock Lai Lee/Priscilla Lun

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