Director of Badminton Training and Development

Affinity Badminton Club is seeking to fill the position of Director of Badminton Training and Development based in San Carlos, California. Responsibilities include: hire, train, promote, and manage Badminton Coaches, and perform coaching duties for individuals and teams. Coordinate the coaching schedules and badminton training programs of Coaches, develop training programs of Coaches for clients, and provide guidance and direction to subordinate coaches, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance. Identify the development needs of subordinate coaches, and mentor and help subordinate coaches to improve their coaching knowledge and skills to better serve clients. Create, develop, and coordinate a junior badminton team and National Badminton League team adult players and activities. Identify the educational needs of team players. Develop formal training programs and classes, and teach or instruct Team players. Analyze Badminton team and individual information and evaluate training and competition results to maximize the team efforts. Organize and supervise Badminton competitions and tournaments at the Club. Analyze performance and instruct professional and recreational badminton players in game strategies and techniques for competition. Conduct and coach badminton practice sessions. Provide onsite strategic direction, encouragement, and motivation to players for badminton competition events. Plan strategies and choose team members for individual and team badminton tournaments. Plan and direct physical conditioning programs for badminton athletes to achieve maximum performance. Keep records of athlete, team and opposing team performance. Instruct individuals or groups in badminton rules, game strategies, and performance principles. Analyze the strength and weakness of opposing teams to develop game strategies. Provide updates to the Executive Manager regarding badminton training activities, schedules, and future tournament hosting plans, and team and individual player performance and training goals.

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree, or foreign equivalent degree, in Sports Management, Sports Science, Sports Coaching, or a related field and five (5) years of work experience in a related occupation. Position also requires at least a USA Badminton Level 2 High Performance Coach Certificate. Position requires 5-10% regional and national travel, and possible international travel to perform coaching duties at tournaments.


Send your resume to:

Affinity Badminton Club
Attn: Eva Huang
403 Quarry Road
San Carlos, CA 94070