Affinity Queuing System

Affinity Queuing System works with mobile devices!

Queuing System Link (Make sure your device is on Affinity wifi network)

Queuing System Instructions

1. Get your pin ready (usually is your last 4 digits of your phone number on release form)

2. Click digits to input your pin

3. Select your name from the drop down menu

4. Click the court you intend to play on

5. If you change your mind and want to switch to another court (before timer start), click your name on the court

6. Click digits to input your pin

7. Select the court you wish to play

8. Click “Switch”

Rules and Responsibilities

1. All players on the court need to sign in

2. Players signed in a court have the rights to play on the court

3. All courts are for double games unless it’s designated for single games by the staff

4. If the court timer started with less than 4 players signed in and there are 4 more players on waiting list, staff has the rights to stop the timer and let players on waiting list to play