About Us

Badminton facilities have sophisticated facility requirements unique to the game. The important facility elements are the flooring, the lighting and the ceiling. We studied numerous badminton courts in many parts of the world, meticulously researched all aspects of badminton gym / court construction, prototyped and vigorously tested our design ideas such as lighting and floor material, and built the courts at Affinity Badminton Club. We, our friends, and our next generation badminton players think these are the best badminton courts in the area. Affinity Badminton Club is a family-owned badminton facility dedicated to kids and badminton players in our community. Badminton is a great year-round sport, for kids and adults of all ages. Our goal is to build the best badminton club in this area – for playing the most exciting games, for making new acquaintances in the player community, and for promoting badminton in our community.