Court Information


There are three essential factors when designing a badminton court. First is the lighting, the lighting is one of the most critical elements of a badminton gym. At Affinity Badminton Club the light fixtures are modeled after the lighting fixtures of the Chinese National Badminton Team training facilities. The height and placement of our lighting fixtures are configured according to the Sport England Badminton Court Design Guidance.


Second is the flooring, the flooring is just as crucial in a badminton gym as the lighting and the ceiling. The flooring comes down to three requirements: a non-slippery surface, enough support for running and jumping, and enough cushions for landing. Our custom-designed 4-layer flooring completely fulfills all these requirements.


Third is the ceiling, at Affinity Badminton Club, the ceiling height is 30ft, which well exceeds the height requirement for the IBF sanctioned international tournaments. The color of the ceiling is painted black to enhance visibility of the shuttlecock. With the combination of properly locating the light fixtures our ceiling will ensure you will never lose a birdie due to poor visibility.